Denison Family
   (Including Stutznegger, Ramsauer and other related Family Histories)

Hans Dinesen (an Immigrant from Denmark)  
Born 20 Jul 1824 in Copenhagen.  Died 13 Jan 1904   Manti, Sanpete, Ut. In his journal Hans stated the proper spelling of his name was "Dinesen" so that is what we use whenever referring to him.  However, once in America his descendants chose to use more "American" spellings and you may find in genealogical documents spellings such as:  Denison, Dennison, Dinnesen, Dineson or variations thereof.  Hyrum Denison and his family chose to use "Denison" nearly all the time whereas Ephraim Monarch, Hans' son born on the ship coming from Denmark, chose to use "Dennison" most of the time.    

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Entries below listed in order they were submitted
If you have something of general interest to post on this family 8
please send it to the webmaster for inclusion.  Thank you for helping.

HERE is announcement for 9-11-16 Denison Family Reunion (Posted 10 Sept 2016)
Here is another Hans Dinesen history.  Seems to be very nice retype of the English
translation of Hans' hand written original. This version was prepared by  
Kathleen Faerber,  a descendant and can also be found on FamilyTree
where it was submitted by Kathleen.  (Posted 14 Aug 2016)


HERE is the report from the Hans Dinesen (Denison) "Settlement of Sanpete" Tribute.
Held September 20, 2014 in Manti, Utah.  This book is  230 pages is about 15MB size.
(This document can also be downloaded from Hans Dinesen page at
(Posted 27 November 2014 ahc)
The Hans Dinesen (Denison) Tribute was held as scheduled on 19, 20 September 2014
with several hundred descendants and friends participating.

Registration at Hans Dinesen-Denison Tribute 19  September 2014

Luncheon at Tribute to Hans Dinesen

HERE is "HANS DINESEN (DENISON) DESCENDANTS" compiled by Ernest Samuel Denison
circa 1996.  Hans Dinesen (1824 - 1904) was born in Denmark and died in Manti, Utah.  This book
contains his personal history, translated from his own writing, and his descendants to the time of the
writing of the book. It is 229 pages.   (Posted 5 July 2014)
HERE is "DENISON FAMILY MEMORIES, Volume 1" circa 1996.  Contains pictures, sketches, histories and
memories from the Hyrum Denison (1865 - 1932) and Katherina  Barbara Stutznegger Denison (1870 - 1937) family.
Hyrum Denison is son of Hans Dinesen (1825 - 1904) and Johanna Jacobsen Christophersen (1825 - 1880) and they
were parents of 12 children. It contains 120 pages.   (Posted 21 June 2013)
HERE is "DENISON FAMILY MEMORIES Volume II" circa 1998.  Contains histories of the 12 children of
Hyrum Denison and Barbara Stutznegger Denison.  It contains 259 pages.  (Posted 21 June 2014)
HERE is a translation of the Hans Dinesen, Sr. history commissioned by him using his original handwritten papers.
The translation was done first by a "Sister" Frandsen the second part by Eva M. Gregersen with some of their
personal communications contained within the manuscript.  This version of his history was obtained from Grant L.
Misbach who at one time had copies of the original translated papers from which this file was created.  It is believed
"Sister" Frandsen to be a descendant of Hans but Eva M. Gregersen was a paid translator.  It is not known where
these papers are at present.  This version of Hans' history has been kept from public view at the request of some
descendants who felt it too sacred for broad use outside the family.  It is hesitantly issued now due to the fact
the descendents spoken of are all deceased. [See the posting on this web site dated 26 July 2008]
(Posted by webmaster 4 June 2014)

HERE is a history of Katharina Barbara Ramsaur Stutznegger (1850 - 1936).  She married John Stutznegger (1845 - 1919). Their
daughter Barbara Katherine Stutznegger (1870 - 1937) married Hyrum Denison (1865 - 1932) who was the youngest son of
Hans Dinesen (Denison) (1824 - 1904)  This history is included in the "Denison Family Memories Vol 1".  (Posted 3 June 2013)
HERE is a summarized and condensed history of Hans Dinesen, Sr. prepared from the full version contained in the book
"Hans Dinesen (Denison) Descendants", circa 1995, compiled by Ernest Samuel Denison as provided by Karen Peterson Belliston.
(Posted 1June 2014)
2013 Denison Family Reunion:  Announcement - was held at
" Town Center Pavillion , Highland, UT."  (Revised 25 Aug 2013)

Here you will find a photo of  Malinda Dennison Peterson and brothers
Hyrum, Forrest and Leon.  From the Hans Dennison Jr. Family.
Contributed by Wilfred Peters....  (Posted 14 Aug 2013)
Here is the final announcement of the Denison Family Reunion September 8, 2012
Special Thanks to Carol Carpenter (Posted 27 March 2012)

Hans Dinesen married a second wife by the name of Anne Margrete Hansen. 
Hans and Margrete were married on 13 October 1873.
From that union came a son by the name of Christian born 14 July 1874.  
Christian died 12 Dec 1951. Hans loved  Christian dearly. 
Even though Christian spent most of his growing years with his  mother
and others Hans stayed close to him and provided for him
financially and spent time with him whenever he could do so.
Here is The Dennison Family Generations,  a history of Christian
Dennison's descendants written by a grandson.  Thanks to
Terry Trent for submitting this history.  18MB, 41 pages (Posted 16 Aug 2012)
Here is a history of Inger Monsson, mother of Hans Dinesen,  Sr. Contributed by Brent H. Jensen (Posted 15 Jan 2012)
Here is a history of Hans Dinesen, Sr. translated from the Danish language.  Contributed by Brent H. Jensen. (Posted 6 Dec 2011)
Here is a history of Hans Denison, Jr.,  son of Hans Dinesen, Sr. Contributed by Brent H. Jensen. (Posted 6 Dec 2011)
Here is group  photo of 2011 Reunion attendees (Posted 15 Sept 2011)
Here  is link to individual  photos taken by Dana Sheppick ( Posted 15 Sept 2011)
Here is a history of Hyrum Denison, stories from his life.  (Posted 1 Sept 2011)
Here is a short history of Johanna Christofferson Denison (Dinesen).  Written by Mardene Denison. (Posted 17 Aug 2011)
Here are some handwritten documents from Church Archives. One is receipt and acknowledgement of his work on the temples.  
The other is his handwritten reply to a Bro. Reynolds.  (Posted 17 Aug 2011)
Here is the book "Denison Family Memories, Volume II" published  in 1998 by  the posterity of Hyrum and Barbara Denison.
It contains histories of the 12 children, the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.  Also, pictures from the  families and from Denmark.
It contains about 260 pages.  Warning; it is a very large  file  (90MB) and will take a long time to download. (Posted 7 Jun 2011)
(Note: The above file has been replaced with a smaller size posted 21 June 2014)
Here is the entire book "A Brief History and Genealogical Record of the Family Descendants of John Stutznegger, Sr."
which contains many pages of his and family histories plus pedigree and family group information of his hundreds
 of descendents.  It is 161 pages.  This file is a pdf of 56 MB size.  The file is searchable for text/names.
 Takes a long time to download!    (Posted 21 Mar 2011)

Here is from the book "A Brief History and Genealogical Record of The Family Descendants of John Stutznegger, Sr."
 are the first 5 pages for your reference.  If you wish to see the Table of Contents before
downloading the entire book this is a good starting place.    (Posted 19 Mar 2011)

Here is a report from the Millennial Star on the calling of Conrad Stutznegger to the German Mission in 1902.
e is a brother of  Hyrum Denison's wife Barbara Stutznegger Denison. (Posted 31 Dec 2010)
Here - Photos taken of the Hyrum Denison home in Manti. Provided by Dennis Clegg.
 Probably taken around 1984.  (Posted 27 Dec. 2010)
(Here is what the home looked like circ 1927-28)
Double Wedding of Melvin and Ellen Denison children of Hyrum and
Barbara Denison, Manti, UT. A newspaper clipping
. (Posted 15 Nov 2010)
Death of Emanuel Denison [Dinesen] son of Hans and his third
wife Anne Nielson - a newspaper clipping. (Posted 15 Nov 2010)

Photo of 2010 Denison Family Reunion, Lehi, UT, Taken 18 Sept 2010
(Photographer Dana Sheppick)

Here is an autobiography of Katharina Barbara Ramsauer.
She is the mother of  Hyrum Denison's wife Barbara Stutznegger Denison.

(Contributed by Lori Layton  Aug 2010)
Click Here (pdf)
Denison Family Reunion Reminder  - September 18th, 2010; Lehi
From Carol Carpenter (27 Aug 2010)


Here is photo of John Stutznegger, Jr. and family.
(Contributed by Lori Layton 23 Aug 2010)

Here is a story about how Hyrum Stutzneggar's life insurance fund was used for genealogical research.
It explains why we have so much temple work and family details on the Stutzneggeer and associated lines.

(Contributed by Lori Layton 23 Aug 2010)

Photo of Johnn Stutznegger and Katharina Barbara  Ramsauer  family as  they  came to America.
Photo with names on the image. They were natives of Appenzel Switzerland.   Taken about 1880.

(Contributed by Lori Layton 16 Aug 2010)

Photo is of John Stutznegger and Katharina (Kathrine) Barbara Ramsauer Family
Photo taken about 1899
?      (Contributed by Lori Layton 16 Aug 2010)
Obituary of Ellen Bernice Phillips Horne, daughter of Ellen Denison Phillips.  
She is GGGdaughter of Hans Dinesen.
(Added   2Jun2010)

Death Certficates and related

Geneva Denison  - Pedigree  chart - b  23Jun1904
 Death Certificate - Kathrine Barbara Stutznegger Denison - b  17Aug1870
 Death Certificate - Kathrine Barbara Ramsauer - b  10Feb1850
 Death Certificate - John Stutzneggar -  23Feb1845
Death Certificate -   Hyrum Denison  -   6Jan1865

 Death Certificate - Hans Dinesen (Dennison) -  20Jul1824
 Headstone -  Hyrum and Barbara Denison -  Manti Cemetery
  Headstone -  Johane Christoffersen Dinesen - Manti cemetery

(Added 26May2010)

Hans Headstone
Here is jpg of Hans Dinesen headstone from
Manti, Utah cemetery.  Buried 14 Jan 1904.

(Added by Webmaster 18 January 2010)
Here is a historical narrative of the restored gospel being preached in the
Scandinavian countries.  Elder Erastus Snow was instrumental in the
conversion of the Danish saints.  It is a very interesting historical account.
It is many pages in length so do a word search to find the mention
 of Hans Dinesen.   (Added by Webmaster 18 January 2010)
Here you can see a pedigree of Geneva Denison (Clegg)
and a photo of her father, Hyrum Denison, youngest son of Hans.
(Added by Webmaster 18 January 2010)

HERE are photots taken  at  the Denison Family Reunion 2009.
Pictures taken by Dana and Gary Sheppick, thank you very much

(Added 12 October 2009)
Katherine Barbara Ramsauer Stutznegger Denison - a  history
from DUP.  Seems to have been submitted 1999
. It is very
similar to the others on this site.
(Added by Webmaster  11 Sep 2009)
Katherine Barbara Stutznegger Denison a brief history from
DUP, author unknown written abt 1937  (30 Aug 2009)
Hyrum Denison  a brief history from
DUP, author unknown (30 Aug 2009)
Johanna Christofferson Denison (Dinesen) a brief
history frm DUP submitted by Mardine Denison (29 Aug 2009)
A History of Hans Denison (Dinesen) Submitted
to the DUP by Ellen H. Manwill (12 Aug 2009)
A History of Hans Denison (Dinesen)  Submitted
to the DUP by Ruby E. D. Whitlock (12 Aug 2009)
was a great LDS pioneer and  early convert to the Church.
He is often referred to  as the founder of Manti, Utah.   In his later days he spent
a great deal of his time  as Stake  Patriarch  giving blessings to thousands of Saints
who settled in the Sanpete County, Utah.  You can see the Patriarchal Blessings
given to Hans and wife Johanna by Isaac Morley, click here.      (Added 18 April 2009)
MORE DENISON PHOTOS.  These are from Hyrum Denison family.  Mostly taken in
the early  1900s to maybe 1940 time period.    Most of them have  identifying  information on them
but if you see any errors or if you can offer more details let us know.  These photos were kindly
supplied to us by LaDaonna Broadhead. They were her mother's.   (Added 20 Mar 2009)
HERE is a historical narrative by Hans Dinesen as included in The History of Manti written by
Moses Franklin Farnsworth and published in 1901.  This copy is from clippings assembled by
Andrew Jensen and filed  in  the Church History   Department .   It   appears  this is the history
 used by Hoffman Birney who authored Zealots of Zion wherein  is  contained accounts from
Hans Dinesen that heretofore were unknown to us. See links below.   (Added Mar 2009)
[Newly retyped copy made from the original archival record added 18April09 by Trena Dodge]
HERE is a genealogy of Hans Dinesen family from around 1900; This is
from The History of Manti written by Moses Franklin Farnsworth and published
over a period of several  weeks in the San Pete Democrat 1901. (Added Mar 2009)
Denison Unknown Photos - Photos 1 thru 70. Please help identify them.
Denison Unknown Photos  -  Group 2 - 71 thru 173.   More to identify!
These photos came from LaDonna Broadhead.   They were her mother's.
Send your  comments to us at Webmaster - (Added 9 Feb 09)
HERE are a few extracts from the book Zealots of Zion written by
Hoffman Birney (from 1931 era).  This book gives some interesting
accounts  supposedly  recorded  by Hans Dinesen  about  his early
experiences settling the Sanpete area of Utah. -  (Added 21 Jan 2009)
HERE for image;  it is a large, high resolution image, 4.5 MB.
Photo from 2006 Denison Reunion, Spanish Fork, UT - Dec 2008
(Contributed by Gary Sheppick
So, where was Hans Dinesen born?  Click here to see the modern-day location of where
we think it was. The general area is circled in red.  Also circled is Hellerup, a farm
where Hans worked in his youth.  It is now a major train station serving the area.
 If you have a better location, let us know.  -  2 Oct 2008
Where did the Denisons come from? Denmark. Yes, but where in Denmark? Click on the links to maps.
Hans Dinesen's father was born in either Skalkendrup (Skalkendrujan) or Skelerup, Denmark.
Some documents put him in one, some in another. Fortunately, these two little Danish
towns are near each other on the big island of  Fyn. If one were to look at a modern day
map of Denmark and its islands it is easy to find these two possible towns.   -  2 Oct 2008
Hans Dinesen:  Fourth Wife?
Did Hans Dinesen really have a fourth wife?  It is shown that he did if you look at the pedigree information
found at Yet his extensive personal writings clearly indicate that there were but
three wives.  Larry and Trena Dodge did a complete examination of this matter from
source records at the Family History Library.  The results are in this report.
(Contributed by Webmaster and Trena and Larry Dodge) -  28 Sep 2008

Question of Hyrum Denison's wife's name is settled.  Above is birth record from  Switzerland showing it is
Katharina Barbara Stutzneggar - not Barbara Katharina as sometimes shown.
This was presented at the recent Denison Reunion by Trena and Larry Dodge.
(Contributed by Trena and Larry Dodge) - 18 Sep 2008
HERE is a short biographical history of Hans Denison (Dinesen)  written by Hans in his Danish language and translated
to English and typed and submitted by LaDonna Broadhead - 10 Sep 2008

Pictures from the 2008 Reunion with names added.  Taken by Dana and Gary Sheppick.
(Contributed by Gary Sheppick) - 8 Sep 2008
HERE is a history of Inger Monson Dinesen, mother of Hans Dinesen, and of Hans Dinesen Sr. & Johanne Jacobsen Christoffersen
compiled by Wilfred Peters.  It is compiled in chronological order from documents already well known but is easy to read and study.
This is a section of  Martin Peterson & Hanna Malinda Dennison booklet that "I'm preparing for the Peterson side of my wifes family
and for our children and grandchildren."    It is 23 pages in length, including several photos. Wilfred brought it to the reunion.
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters) - 8 Sep 2008

The annual Denison Reunion for 2008 is now history.  It was wonderful.
More will be coming  soon.  
(Contributed by Gary Sheppick) - 6 Sep 2008
Reunion was held as planned.
Special Reminder of Denison Family Reunion for 2008
Date:  6 Sep 2008,  Place:  Wines Park  @ Pavilion  2,   SE corner of the parkLocation:  500 N 100 E, Lehi, UT 84043Time:  11: am   -     4:00 pm
Agenda and Food:  Open visiting to noon - potluck dinner at 12 noon, (Meat dish and rolls, plates, cups, utensils and napkins will be furnished.)
 Then at 1:30  family reports. At 2:00pm  speakers Trena  and Larry Dodge, expert researcher on Hans Dinesen line and has
the largest PAF file you can imagine!  Trena is a descendant of Hans through  Hyrum Denison and has new findings to report!  
In the past those attending have been mostly from the Hyrum Denison part of the family but any descendants
of Hans Dinesen are welcome and we are looking forward to seeing a few of you there! Email the webmaster for  Q&A.
HERE you can see the "snail-mail" reminder sent out coordinator, Carol Carpenter.

HERE is obituary of Hans Dinesen (Hans Denison, Sr.)  from Manti Messanger dated 14 Jan 1904.
(Webmaster) - 1 Sep 2008
For  the student of Scandinavian immigration  to Utah the following book contains  much detail about those  who came in  the period
from 1852 to 1881.  Detailed accounts of the  several migrations are contained in the collection.  Over 15,000 saints are accounted for.
Hans Dinesen (most often spelled Dinnesen if you word search) is mentioned along with the birth of Ephraim Monarch, 18 Mar 1853
(sometimes given as 19 Mar 1853) and death of Hans' mother Inger on 3 Apr 1853 both near St. Louis, Missouri.
Tracing Scandinavian  Latter-day Saints
HERE is the Table of Contents. It is a 4 page pdf document.
HERE is the main text of the book. It is 711 pages in pdf.  It will take a while to download!
Added -  18 Aug 2008

HERE is news of Mrs. Annie N. Dinesen, wife of Hans Dinesen.  She was born 13 Nov 1846, married 3 Nov 1880
and died 20 Oct 1901.
  This is whole newspaper page.  Taken from the Manti Messenger newspaper dated 26 Oct 1901.
HERE is her story only in jpg
(Contributed by Webmaster)  -  15 Aug 2008

Two, additional,  brief histories of the life of Ephraim Monarch and Mary Ellen Denison.  A  2 page and a 1 page version.
(Contributed by Lori Glancy)  -  5 Aug 2008

A History of Ephraim Monarch Denison written by his granddaughter Elda Nielson Cornwell Behunin (1905 - 1981).
This is a multi-generation xerographic copy and does not read well! If you have a good, clean copy
could you share it with us? (Note: On the first line of this history it states Ephraim was born on the
19 Mar 1853 on the ship "Benjamin Adams"; this is believed to be in error as the records indicate
he was born 18 Mar 1853 [some say 19 Mar] on the ship Forest Monarch. Note by ahc.)
 (Contributed by Lori Glancy)  - 3 Aug 2008

Ephraim Monarch Denison (or Dinesen) was born on the ship Forest Monarch, so Hans and Johanne
named him accordingly. He is the fourth  born child of Hans and Johanna.  He settled in Sterling,
Sanpete County, Utah, living there most of his adult life.  He and his wife Mary Ellen Johnson had
10 children.   These photos are from a multi-generation  xerographic  image and are of low quality.
Should any one have originals or good clean copies we would appreciate having them for posting.
(Contributed by  Lori  Glancy) -  3 Aug 2008

The English translation spoken of here has been posted on this web site dated 4 June 2014 (ahc)

NOTICE: We have an English copy of the Hans Dinesen journal history -  the original of which he wrote
in Danish by his own hand.  It  has since been translated into English (done over the years by various translators)
The original Danish version has been lost and we are looking to find it in order to make a new translation of it..  
It is many pages in length  (over 200 total)  and has much detail  about the early settlement struggles in Spring City
 and Manti, the harsh winters, war with the Indians,  his wives, his children, his farming activities, work on the St. George,
Manti and Salt Lake temples  and his   contributions to the early church  organization  especially  among the  Danish in
the area. It covers the period from about 1824 to 1877 or so.  It would be of interest to his descendants and Manti natives.
If you wish to obtain a copy of it please contact the Webmaster of this page, telling who you are.  Thank you. AHC - 26 July 2008
Click HERE for an interesting history of Hans Dinesen (Denison).
The compilation editor is Anonymous.  Question for you: In this history it says: "He built a three room house on
the ground where the Ray Munk house now stands."  We would like to know where Hans' home was in Manti.  
It might have been at  75 N 1st East  but we  have no  confirmation of that.   If you know  will you tell us?  (ahc)
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters) - 26 July 2008
Click HERE to see Death Certificate of Hans Dinesen (Dennison),
born in Denmark, 20 July 1824 -   22 April 2008
(Interestingly, Hyrum signed the death certificate for his father Hans, but used the spelling
of his last name as Dennison.  This spelling is used by some of the  Hans Dinesen  children!)
Click HERE for an interesting history of Mary Agnes Braithwaite Denison.
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)  - 26 July 2008
Click HERE to see Death Certificate of  Mary Agnes Braithwaite Denison,
wife of Hans Denison, Jr. (See her picture below) - 21 April 2008
Click HERE to see Death Certificate of Hyrum Denison,
a son of Hans Dinesen (See his picture in family photos below) - 20 April 2008

Wedding photo of Hanna Melinda Denison, daughter of
Hans, Jr. to Martin Peterson.  21 Sep 1904.   - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)
Believed to be  Hans Jr. sons.  Anyone know for sure? -  12 April 2008
Update:   Yes. Older man sitting in a chair is: John Williams Edwards b. 18 Mar 1876 d. 13 Apr 1937
 and the Younger man is his only son: Morris John Edwards b. 17 Aug 1915. d. 2 Dec 1969
 John William Edwards is the Husband of Mary Ann Dennison daughter of Hans Jr. and Mary Agnes.
(Update added 5 Sep 2008.  From Wilfred Peters information based on another near identical photo he located.)
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Believed to be Cleo or Alice, daughter of Hyrum Denison - 12 April 2008
[Now, Wilfred Peters has made comparisons with other photos posted and has concluded it is Alice. 3 May 2009]
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

"We stopped by Homer Denison's home in SLC when he was alive.  He couldn't Identify the two women,
his eyes were getting kind of bad.  They are probably associated with Roland in some way."
If anyone can help with the identification, let us know!   - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

"We stopped by Homer Denison's home in SLC when he was alive and he identified the Man in the Tin Type as being
Roland Denison b. 1883 d. 1934.  Don't know when the photo was taken probably around 1895/1903."  - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Hans Jr. and Mary Agnes also  - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)
Hans Jr. and Mary Agnes unknown date  - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Hans Denison Jr.  and Mary Agnes Braithwaite's  home in Sterling Utah taken August 1916 .  
The house is facing north according to the inscription on the back of the photo.  -  12 April 2008

(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)


Hans Dinesen Photo taken by professional photographer.
Medallion on lapel is probably his Danish war medal -12  April 2008
(Click here to see the markings on the backside of this photo)
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters )

Ephraim Monarch Denison Family with names
photo taken about 1894/5 - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Ephraim Monarch Dennison Family - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Hans Dinesen Jr. Family - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

 Hans Sr, and Johanne
his first wife,
taken probably in 1873 - 12 April 2008
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Most likely Johanne Denison, Hans First wife
who came to America with him in 1853 - 12 April 2008
(Click here to see the markings on the backside of this photo)
(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

Hans Dinesen and family came to America  from Copenhagen, Denmark in 1853.  They traveled on
the Forest Monarch ship and were part of the John Forsgren Company.  Click on the link below.
Coming to America by Hans Dinesen
Below is a link that has much background information regarding the ship Forest Monarch and various others
who were in that company.  This link and associated links have histories, photos, maps and many items
too numerous to mention.   They are of great interest to one who wishes to learn about the times and conditions
experienced by the Scandinavian Saints and especially those who traveled with Hans and his family.
Mentioned in these sites, also, is reference to the infant born to Hans and Johanne Dinesen (or Dinnesen) prior
to them arriving in St. Louis and the death of his mother, Inger Monnsen.   This link is located at::

(Prepared by Almon H. Clegg, 10 March 2008)

Hyrum Denison Family About 1915 - 4 Nov 2007
(Contributed by Alene Misbach)

Hyrum Denison Family About 1915 - 4 Nov 2007
(Contributed by Alene Misbach)


Hyrum Denison Children (10 oldest) - 27 Oct 2007
This photo taken about 1910
(Contributed by LaVar Clegg)

Hyrum Denison Children (8 oldest) - 27 Oct 2007
This photo taken about 1905
(Contributed by LaVar Clegg)
A Denison Family Reunion (jpg) - 24 Oct 2007
(Contributed by Deanna Bean)
Hyrum Denison Family Home, 602 East 4th South, Manti, Utah
 Circa 1927-1928  -  14 Nov 2007
(Contributed by Joyce Peacock)
Memories of the Hyrum Denison Home in Manti, UT - 24 Oct 2007
(From Webmaster)

Photo of Hyrum Denison Family. Hyrum was youngest son of Hans Dinesen
Hyrum and Kathrina Barbara Stutznegger had 12 children. This photo
taken about 1918
 (Contributed by LaVar Clegg - 21 Oct 2007)
Photo (with names)
A Brief History of Hans Dinesen (Denison) - Oct 2007
(From Webmaster)
 Outline of Hans Dinesen Descendants - Oct 2007
(This document revised on 27 Sep 2008)
(Note: See discussion on 28 Sep 2008 entry
titled Hans Dinesen: Fourth Wife? )
(From Webmaster)
Discussion about his wife Anne Nielson - Oct 2007
(From Webmaster)

(Related to above link)
Click HERE to see a copy of the Manti Messenger Newspaper  obituary of
Hans Dinesen  dated 14 Jan 1904 which states that he had but 3 wives - . 26 April 2008

(Contributed by Wilfred Peters)

         REQUEST #1:
We are looking for the original Danish, handwritten journal of Hans Dinesen.
If you know where it or a copy can be found, please inform the webmaster.
Our interest is in making a new translation
of it as there is reason to believe that certain information was left out and that some errors may have crept in during
the English translation now in hand.

We are also looking for the journal of Hyrum Denison, youngest son of Hans.  
It was rumored to last be in the possession of his daughter Cleo Denison Jones Giles when she passed away (she lived in
Mayfield and was buried in the Manti cemetery in Oct 1985) but we don't know what happened to it afterwards.   Hyrum carried
his journals with him on the train and wrote extensively about life in Manti and his family while traveling on the train in his
occupation as a hardware salesman.  There is a lot of rich history to gleam from his writings.  If you know anything
about it would you let us know?

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